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In H.-J. He also is interested in the advancement and application of modern technologies to archaeological and historical research. Pandel & V. He has published articles on the role played by Wales as well as the Welsh in the later medieval England.

Oswalt (Eds. ), Geschichtskultur. Topics: Die Anwesenheit von Vergangenheit in der Gegenwart [ Historical Culture. The late middle ages England as well as Wales (c. 1250-1500) Later medieval armies and war Regional and local history. The existence of the past in the Present ] (pp.

19-33). Prof. Schwalbach/Ts. : Wochenschau Verlag. Catherine Clarke. Pellens, K., Quandt, S., & Sussmuth, H. (1984). The Director is of The Director of the Centre for the History of People, Place, and Community. Geschichtskultur, Geschichtsdidaktik.

Biography. Internationale Bibliographie [Historical Cultural, Didactics of The History. Catherine is a historian of culture who focuses on the Middle Ages, but she is also involved in a broad variety of periods to address questions of identity, place and heritage (including the practice of interpretation) and the use in the history of historical past (especially the medieval period). International Bibliography] . Prior to joining the IHR Catherine’s academic background included English Language as well as Literature She was a professor in English Literature in the University of Southampton for seven years and is currently an Visiting Professor of English at the university. Paderborn: Schoningh.

She also has led several large multi-disciplinary projects that span literature, history, historic archaeology, geography and humanities. Plate, L., & Smelik, A. (2013). She is therefore competent to oversee inter-disciplinary PhD projects. Performing Memory in Art and Popular Culture: An Introduction. She is also eager to hear proposals from researchers in fields that cross the boundaries of traditional disciplines and periods and include digital techniques or that involve innovative and applied, engaging or practice-based components.

The book is L. Topics: Plate & A. Medieval culture and history of the past Cultural heritage, history, and place (including the practice of interpretation) Medievalism and other uses of the past. Smelik (Eds. ), Performing Memory in Art and Popular Culture (pp. 1-31). Interdisciplinary methods (including digital techniques, practices, and creative elements. New York: Routledge.

Prof. Pocock, G. Claire Langhamer. J. The Director is the Institute of Historical Research. A. (1971). Biography. Political Science, Language and Time: Essays on Political Thought and History. Claire’s work focuses on the twentiethand twenty-first century Britain.

Chicago: University of Chicago Press (reprint 1989). She is particularly interested in the interplay between the cultural, the social and the emotional. Raulff, U. (1993). She has attempted to find innovative ways to work across these areas using the writing of life, specifically those found in the Mass Observation Archive, and oral history. Von der Kulturgeschichte zur Geschichtskultur. Her writings on women’s lives comprise studies of home, leisure and work, as well as an collaboration together with Penny Tinkler and Stephanie Spencer on Women in Fifties Britain (2017). Eine Wissenschaftsgeschichtliche Skizze [From Cultural History to Historical Culture.

Her research on autobiographical writing by girls resulted in a trade book called Class of ’37 co-written by her and Hester Barron. A Historiographic Sketchof the Historical and Cultural Background. The book focuses on the lives of a particular group of thirteen and twelve-year-old Bolton schoolgirls who composed essay to be used in Mass Observation in 1937.

In K. The book draws on their own writing as well as the stories of the descendants. P. Claire’s fascination with emotions has led her to examine the historical significance of individual emotions and to use emotion more broadly as a subject of historical analysis. Hansen (Ed. ), Kulturbegriff und Methode. Her collaboration together with Ian Gazeley on interwar happiness brought economics and emotion together.

Der Stille Paradigmenwechsel in den Geisteswissenschaft. Her publications on love – such as the monograph, The English in Love (2013) that challenged the established timelines of cultural and social changes. An A. Claire continues to study the past of love through her editing of the current volume of Bloomsbury’s A Cultural History of Love that will explore the various forms of love and in a global context. Passauer Ringvorlesung on Concepts of culture and Methods. Claire’s other research projects focus on emotions during war, at work, and in politics.

The Silent Paradigm Shift of the Humanities. A collaboration between the British Academy and Lucy Noakes and Claudia Siebrecht led to the co-edited volume, Total War: an Emotional History (2020) and she is currently working on an article on Feelings at Work in modern Britain that is in agreement to Oxford University Press. A Passau Lecture Series] (pp. 133-148).

She has published chapters and articles on the political and emotional aspects in the 1950s, 1940s, and an e-book on The Reconstruction of the Postwar Emotions in Britain is currently in its initial stages. Tubingen: Narr. Claire has been a supervisor for 23 PhDs that have been completed in a variety of subjects.

Ray, L. She welcomes inquiries from those who are interested in pursuing doctoral degrees in the field of historical and social history of the present day Britain. J., & Sayer, D. Topics: R. Modern Britain Emotions and Feeling Daily Life Life Writing and Mass Observation. A. (1991). Prof. Culture and Economy: Following the Turn of the Century . online Jo Fox.

London: Sage. The Director is of the Institute of Historical Research; Professor of Modern History. Ribbens, K. (2007).

Biography. A Narrative That Encompasses Our History The Historical Culture as well as History Teaching. Prof. In M. Jo Fox is Director of the Institute of Historical Research and Professor of Modern History at the University of London.

Grever & S. Jo Fox was appointed to the Institute in January of 2018 as a Professor in Modern History and Head of Department at Durham University, where she began her academic career in the year 1999. Stuurman (Eds. ), Beyond the Canon. Jo is an expert in the historical background of psychological warfare and propaganda in the 20th century of Europe.

The history of The Twenty-First Century (pp. 63-78). She has written about propaganda in Britain as well as Germany in both the First as well as the Second World Wars, in particular, she has explored the links between popular opinion and propaganda. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.

Her current research is on the study of rumours during the Second World War and, together with David Coast (Bath Spa) working on a major project on the relationship between rumour as well as politics within England from 1500 until today. Ricoeur, P. (1984). Jo has been a contributor to broadcasts on BBC Radio 4 and the BBC (Woman’s Hour, Making History, The One Show as well as various documentaries produced by BBC4 and BBC4 as an historian on The Documentary Film Mob) and BBC Radio 4 as well as hosting the first episode of Document about Scotland’s Lord Haw-Haw’. Timing as well as Narrative I . CBC (Canada), PBS (United America), Channel 10 (Australia) and ABC (Australia). Chicago: University of Chicago Press.

Jo is also involved in the archives, museums and heritage sectors. Ricoeur, P. (1988). Along with supervising the supervision of three AHRC Collaborative Doctoral student She also assists museums and archives with their exhibitions and public programs. Timing as well as Narrative III . Topics: Chicago: University of Chicago Press. The history of contemporary psychology and propaganda History from The First as well as the Second World Wars European and British History, 1900-present History of media and communications.

Ricoeur, P. (1991). Dr. Narrative Identity. Justin Colson. Philosophy Today, 35, 73-81.

Professor of Senior Studies in Urban and Digital History. Rosenzweig, R., & Thelen, D. Biography. P. (1998). Justin Colson moved to the IHR in 2022. The Present of the Past: The Most Popular use in History to American Life . He had previously been an instructor in the University of Essex, and previously as a postdoctoral research fellow at The University of Exeter. New York: Columbia University Press.

Justin is responsible for various aspects of the Institute which include Layers of London, digital projects, teaching and training in research. Rusen, J. (1987). "The Didactics of History in West Germany. He also serves as co-coordinator of the Institute’s People, Place and Community Seminar as well as The Digital History Seminar. The New Self-Saftey of Historical Studies. Justin’s work examines the urban environment and its communities using various economic, social, as well as cultural lense. History and Theory, 26, 275-286.

After completing his PhD dissertation on London neighborhoods in the fifteenth century, he focuses in the history of London between the 14th and 17th centuries.

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